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Develop a project, using the newest prototyping machines, #lasercut, #3Dprinters, #UVprinters. Find #technical #partnership to Build a working #prototype and exhibit it to #EuropeanMakerFaire ... all in 3 months ... with no costs. It can be done, thanks to the Regional Network of #FabLabLazio, and the #SpazioAttivo Managed by #LazioInnova


Some months ago FablabLazio called a Contest, “Make your idea” to gave the opportunity to use for free, for 3 months, all the machines of the regional fablab, with free consumables,

in order to create a prototype, to be exhibited to the European Makerfaire ( December 2017 ) in #Rome.

My project was selected, and I decided to developt a Particular kind of Lamp that I’ve invented,I selected the #FabLabFerentino as main location for this particular #Project

My project was a Lamp, “Quartica - #NoshadowLamp”. A particular kind of lamp, Its structure has been designed to distribute the light in order to delete the #shadows on the workbench.

#Artisans, #technicians, #Makers, anyone who works with the

hands for many hours a day will find a comfort improvement, the creation of a better #workspace. A perfect light for #photoshoot too, Quartica - No Shadow Lamp creates a big area of smooth light, the ideal set for small and medium objects.

The basic structure of Quartica - No Shadow Lamp is too complex to be built by traditional production tecniques, I chose to develop the project using only 3D FDM printers to build the main structure.

A kind of prototyping that is relatively inexpensive, and if you know the characteristics of FDM print and how manage the orientation of the flament layers , gives as result super strong products. The #Zortrax m200 Hosted in #SpazioAttivoFerentino with the help of the m300 in #SpazioattivoColleferro #Colleferro worked for more than 200 hours to build all the components in strong #ABS.

The final Result : a beautiful prototype, full working, and really close to a final production quality. Quartica No shadow Lamp has been exhibited during the european #Makerfaire in Rome.Hosted by "Regione Lazio"

Quartica NSL (no shadow lamp) actually is in the next step, that will bring this lamp in production. Subscrive the Blog If you want to stay updated.

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