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Paolo De Giusti,  Industrial Designer from Olevano Romano.

I've spent the last years as Designer freelance, working at the same time on personal projects to keep my skills constantly updated, in collaboration with innovative startups, or for big international Companies. During these time I've designed every kind of product: bicycles and lighting systems, biomedical equipment, household accessories, motorcycles, writing instruments and advanced automotive components, art projects etc , building by myself perfect prototypes using 3d  print and any kind of advanced prototyping technique.
I've successfully participated in various design contests ( Peugeot, Ducati, Valtra, Retail Revolution ) and my works have been published in various international magazines, and exhibited in Italy, in Rome, in Netherlands (cubedesign museum) and USA ( Atlanta MODA )
I've designed for Leo Burnett Dubai, (mainly Philip Morris and Johnny Walker ) developping the entire product design guideline for the luxury products. As Lead industrial Designer I've followed personally the development of some design guidelines, working with suppliers and travelling around middle east and far east to check the production.
Always passionate about technical aspects of production,and I love to create with my own hands; for this reason my design process is not  limited to the creative part.
Starting from a well written brief and a timeline I can bring any project from the initial sketches to the most complex details of production, considering the basic components of visual communication and brand identity too.
With the same approach for each new project: harmonize in the Design Process all the important aspects : production, target, innovation, budget
For this reason I love a well written brief, it's easier to find in a short time the right product idea, but if there is time, I've absolutly no problem to think out of the box and create wild concept designs.
De Giusti Design is not only a design studio, but a fully equipped design lab created to design and produce internal Projects, or to develop and prototype external products.
The Lab will produce the "Quadrica Lighting System" , based on an innovative design that use commercial components and 3d printed parts, a lamp product family created for craftmans, designers and photograpers.
The Design Lab is open to external Projects too: Design Service, industrial Grade 3D scan, 3D print are some of the services available.
Submit your Brief to get a quotation for cost and timeline. I'm available for national and International projects, usually in few days since your mail, if required it's possible to travel and  develop the project on site.
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