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3D Design Service

New updated technical services are available for companies and Individuals.

De Giusti Design strengthens the 3D Design service with the high resolution industrial grade 3D Scanning service and 3D Printing for every need..

DESIGN 3D - Creativity from Sketch to Project and prototype

DE GIUSTI DESIGN offers a complete design service, from sketches to the prototype, a long experience in product design and a great attention to the brief guarantees a precise timeline and excellent results.

For the success of an industrial design project the Brief is very important, it includes, all the details describing the future product,all the technical and budget limits to be respected. The brief can be proposed directly by the Client, or it can be drafted together, agreeing on every detail. The cost of a Design Project depends by the Brief . It's possible to distinguish "short" projects (which require a linear design process that can be defined in terms of times and results) from R&D projects (which require a research and development phase and which can have a long duration).

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Furthermore, it is possible to Scan and redesign a product or a particular part, using 3D reverse engineering, having acquired the project in a 3D design software, it is possible to change features, apply modifications and prepare the file for 3D printing or other production processes.

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