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3D Scan Service - HD 3D scan

New updated Technical Services for companies and individuals are available.

De Giusti Design add to the 3D design service the 3D Scanning service, with industrial grade and high resolution

SCAN 3D - high resolution 3d scanning services with mobile Scanner

DE GIUSTI DESIGN offers a complete 3D scanning service, industrial grade high resolution with 0.045 volumetric accuracy mm + 0.3 mm / m minimum point-to-point distance 0.2 mm

An high-resolution scanner with the latest generation of structured led light, capable of capturing even the smallest details. moreover it can also be made at the customer's site, the Mobile station can be set up quickly where necessary.

Mechanical components, artifacts, works of art or Sculptures can be scanned.

It is possible to acquire and redesign a particular product or piece, through reverse engineering, after having replicated the project with 3D design software, it is possible to change Featuress, apply modifications and prepare the file for 3D printing or other processing.

adapter for telescope optics

for every detail, request information or a quote from:

The mobile station can also be used for scanning large objects, such as large architectural and mechanical details, such as an entire car, or for digitizing works of art, for reproduction, conservation or for NFT.

In these photos, the scan and reconstruction of the 3D File of a Modillion to be replicated in CNC machined Polystyrene, Scanned directly from the set up scaffolding.

Rapid scan in fixed mode of a chrome detail of a vintage car, suitably matted with simple fine talcum powder. It is possible to scan an entire vehicle suitably treated with washable mattifying spray.

The cost of the scanning service is calculated based on the complexity of the piece to be scanned, the time required and if additional services are required, such as redesign of the scan or other modifications.

To get a convenient quote, it is advisable to attach a photo of the object to be surveyed to the request email.

in fact, the complexity of the scan is not so simple to determine, very complex objects can be quick to scan, while other apparently simple ones take more time.

In principle, all objects can be detected, with some limitations for those that are completely transparent (transparent glass for example) or extremely shiny (mirror), even if it is possible to quickly treat these surfaces in a non-permanent way with dedicated products .

For outdoor scans, therefore in uncontrolled light conditions, it is not possible to scan in full sunlight, therefore if it is not possible to shield the object, scanning is generally carried out in the evening hours.

for every detail, request information or a quote from:

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