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3D Print Service

New updated technical services are available for companies and Individuals.

De Giusti Design strengthens the 3D Design service with the high resolution industrial grade 3D Scanning service and 3D Printing for every need..

3D Print - 3D Print and 3D Design for Additive Manufacturing

DE GIUSTI DESIGN offers a 3D printing service, with FDM or Resin

3D printing allows you to quickly create prototype components, particularly complex components, or mini-series.

Mini Series - Terminal covers to insulate electrical contacts, made of ASA filament

3D scans can be suitably adapted to be replicated in 3D printing. The Scan can be directly made to be printed, or it can be modified, scaled or Redesigned

Scan and miniature print of a Roman bust.

De Giusti Design Lab is equipped with Professional 3D printers to create monolithic pieces of maximum 450mm x 350mm x 350mm, with Plastic Filament or Resin. Larger objects can be conveniently divided into sections to be printed modularly and then reassembled.

Large insulating casing for an electronic device prototype, part of a much larger casing made in section, the part is functional, made of Robust ASA Filament, as resistant as abs and non-degradable by UV rays.

ASA filaments are used (similar to ABS but also resistant to UV rays) for durable and functional parts, or PLA+ for large prototype parts. Many other filaments are available upon request.

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DE GIUSTI DESIGN lab can use FDM or resin to print, but for different industrial needs, large production numbers,special parts with high technical performance and complexity, it can create and manage the 3D print file to be produced with the best external industrial Services, there are currently many 3D technologies available that can produce very precise, robust or mass-produced parts.

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