Superology Biophilia

concept art-bike

A fixed bike that I’ve designed for Superology. The roman brand  that mix together art and fashion, guided by  Vania Borozan.The bike style is based on a triple triangle frame, built with  triangular aluminium tubes. The geometrical proportion is the leitmotiv of this concept,used to create a sculptural object, nearly metaphysical, in its black and white contrast.

The bike has been featured with the artworks by Lucamaleonte .The roman street artist with his inspiration has brought colours to the Wheels and life to the bike. 

This bike is a unique piece, it has been developed exclusively for Superology as manifesto of the "Biophilia" cllection and thanks to the touch of Lucamaleonte  has to be considered more than a vehicle, an artwork.

Design - Paolo De Giusti

Artwork- Lucamaleonte

Art direction - Vania Borozan

photo- Virginia Vittozzi

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