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Additive Design for "Bridge Products"

Additive design for DJI Drone

Additive design has a long Industrial Tradition, actually there are a lot of different techniques, usually related to 3D print process, each with peculiarities and limits.

These are the same features that make FDM printing perfect for inexpensive but inaccurate prototypes, SLA printing for high resolution, small objects, or SLS printing for expensive structural components. None of these techniques have all the best qualities reducing defects and costs. Until today. HP's DeskFusion printing technology makes it possible to build components in robust, economical plastics ( Nylon) with excellent mechanical properties. Finally bringing prototyping machines closer to a real industrial production scenario.

" Bridge Products " it's the term I use for 3D printed objects designed to amplify the functionality of a common, basic commercial product .

In this case this complex design represent a mobile support to connect on top of a Dji Phantom a small GoPro session.

dji x GoPro session upside down support

This is a crossover project between De Giusti Design / Nido Group - 3D division / DroneXbim .

DroneXbim takes advantages of the new Scan Technologies apllied to Drones (Dji). Using photogrammetry and Specials Camera can perform architectural measurements, thermographic analisys, for agricolture and Engineering inspections.

The brief was to create a new plastic support, to use a Go Pro Session to scan the lower part of high motorway bridges.

As Said Before, The project was developed by De Giusti Design, with the technical support of NIDO group - 3d division. NIDO is the HP's technical partner for center and south Italy , and it's introducing to the market the innovative Jet Fusion printing technology by HP. Jet fusion makes possible to create this complex design, which integrates bridge structure, lights, elastic structures , joints and anti-vibration elements, in a single piece, sturdy and very light.

Render of the upsidedown support for Dji Phantom to GOPro Session

The complex structure has been designed starting from the contact Area on the Phantom Drone, has been possible to scan this drone with the help of FabLab - Spazio Attivo Ferentino by Lazioinnova, using 3D systems Sense Scanner and Quadrica Lighting System ( no shadow Lamp)

3d scan - Phantom DJI - sense 3d Systems scanner

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