• Paolo De Giusti

Illuminating Viola

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

New side project for Quartica NSL. In the meantime the new model ( 3 ) is in the last steps of prototyping process, the Previous Prototype ( 2 ) has been used to scan the Artist Viola Pantano . Viola will be part of the exhibition "Artiste" that will take place in September in Turin.

Part of it's extraordinay and eclectic work will need a 3D scan of his Body to be complete, thanks to the mediation of #SpazioAttivoFerentino by #LazioInnova and with the technical help of Fablab Ferentino ,we experimented the use of Quartica Lamp to create a smooth and regular light, perfect to clearly improve the performance of the scanner #Isense by #3DSystems

The Final Mesh has been rebuild in #Meshmixer , powerful #autodesk tool and will be 3D printed by a #Zortrax M300 in full scale 1:1 ...and this is only part of the process, stay tuned for the next update, to discover the final artwork by Viola Pantano

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