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XRAY 3d render of the Double Laser Support for Palmer

Laser are cool. No doubts about this, But, What if they are used to get you a fine for speeding ?

Some Months ago I've started a collaboration with PALMER (parco scientifico e tecnologico del Lazio meridionale) an big pubblic company specialized in the certification of measurement accuracy, what kind of measurement ? every kind, from the little White Line painted on top of your Pint Glass to the speed camera Calibration.

My help was required to design and build a new System to calibrate this sofisticated devices.

I've designed an adjustable Double Laser Support That will be part of the complex process of calibration. Was required extreme precision in the project, small tolerance, and in the brief was included the construction of 2 prototypes.

Considering this as an experimental project, I've decide to build a modular structure , to make easier to replace components or to add others. The body has been fully 3D printed with resin, really stiff and high temperature proof . The Big balck cover, with no structural Function is an FDM print, superlight and cheap.

Palmer Laser System

Considering the complexity of the Double Laser Support I've spent some hour to edit a small user Manual, to help the staff lab to use and maintain the device.

User manual Double Laser Palmer

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