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PICOCCO - english


Picocco tower on a winter view in Olevano Romano
Limited series - Picocco - ancient tower of Olevano Romano

"Picocco" is the common name used by the inhabitants of Olevano Romano to refer to the tower that overlooks the old town. A medieval structure, dating back to the 13th century, a strategic lookout point with a 360° view.

De Giusti Design - design consultancy drove the project that led to the creation of this small artistic sculpture, also thanks to the technical support of Dronexbim and in collaboration with the cultural association JAM .

JAM is the organization that promotes culture in all its forms by promoting, managing and supporting local artistic and cultural initiatives. It organizes wonderful walks to discover the most beautiful and interesting part of the village.

The small scale model of "Picocco", about 11 cm high, was created starting with a 3D aerial scan of the entire fortress, by Dronexbim, leading company in advanced three-dimensional scanning with professional drones.

dronexbim professional drone
drone per il rilievo DRONEXBIM

in queste immagini uno dei droni della flotta Dronexbim e la fedele ricostruzione con texture della rocca di Olevano Romano.

3D scan + texture  by dronexbim
scansione texturizzata della rocca di Olevano Romano

The scanned 3D model was elaborated, stylized and 3D printed by De Giusti Design, redesigned in a "polygonal" style using Rhinoceros 3D to make it compatible with the FDM 3D printing, final step to create the "master" model.

3d printed master
master positivo stampato 3D in ABS

The Master model is the original one, which through silicon castings is faithfully replicated in series, preserving every detail.

3d printed plastic mold
Particolare dello stampo master stampato in 3d

Silicon molds were used to cast a particular mix of cements, to create this limited series in 100 numered and stamped pieces.

silicon master shell
colata stampo negativo master in silicone

The negative silicon master mold was created in a 3d printed ABS mold shell, 3d printed by De Giusti Design with 3D Makerbot printers and designed in Rhino 3D

concerte mix
mix cementizio per la colata

Mixing cements

silicon mold with concrete
stampo riempito e in asciugatura

Cement mold holder, containing the negative master and the positive concrete casting

first piece out
Numero 1 in uscita dallo stampo siliconico

Picocco coming out of the silicon mold n°1, this small sculptures have not been retouched or modified, so they can present small artefacts or slightly different details for each piece, these are peculiarities of the craft production and not manufacturing defects.

Every single Picocco has a stamp on the Bottom and a Handwritten serial number, Which identifies it as series ( A ) and number from 1/100 to 100/100

every piece has to be sealed and will have an handwritten code with letter and number
timbratura originale di ogni pezzo

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