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RACELOGIC Performance Box support for Pa.L.Mer

super fast design project - second collaboration with Pa.L.Mer to create a GPS support

double racelogic performance box support on Alfa Romeo 147

This is the second design collaboration with Pa.L.Mer , the multidisciplinary lab based in Ferentino few meters from Spazio Attivo Lazio Innova . The short brief was to create a small, light and easy to 3D print mobile support for #Racelogic #PerformanceBox, hi tech instruments used on tracks to check the speed with high precision.

the Support has been designed with Rhino 3D , a basic measurement of the standard racelogic support

rhino 3d model of racelogic performance box support

the final models have been printed in black ABS in 20 hours

Actually the double support is mounted on an Alfa Romeo 147 modified for high speed track use

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